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Welcome to – we are an independent website that lists and compares various Bonuses offered by Online Casinos. We are geared towards Online Slots ones, but will also offer other reviews once in a while. I just want to add that I’m a huge enthusiast, when it comes to Slot Games and will try to do my best by offering non-biased reviews of various offers that are out there.

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What’s a Slot Bonus?

If you’re new to the Online Gambling scene, chances are that you might be unfamiliar with Bonuses and rewards that are offered by Casinos, when Gambling on the Internet. I’ll do my best to explain how this works.

Gambling Industry is obviously one of the largest earners out there, thus the competition is also very, very hard. Casinos are trying to bring in new players and what better way there could be than by offering an incentive for a player to join exactly that particular Online Casino.

Slot Bonus is a specific type that is offered to Slots Players for use at various Slot Games, which are offered. Let’s walk through the basics.

Match Percentage

If you have visited a Casino Website, chances are that you’ve seen an offer like ”receive a 200% match Bonus on your first Deposit, up to $x,xxx”. The match percentage is an aspect determining the amount of Bonus that will be awarded versus your Deposit amount. So a 200% Bonus would award $200 for every $100 Deposited.


There’s almost always a cap for Slots Bonuses – I’ll continue the previous example. If there’s a 200% match one up for grabs and it says ”up to $2,000”, you won’t be able to claim more than $2,000 of it. So to claim the maximum amount, you will have to Deposit $1,000, as the match percentage is 200%.

Wagering Requirements

Even thought you will get the Bonus amount credited to your account instantly in most cases, it won’t be available for withdrawal. That would be just too easy for Players and far from profitable for Casinos. For this exact reason, there are wagering requirements in place that dictate how much you’ll have to play, before funds can be withdrawn.

Common requirements will be between 25 and 50 times the Bonus Amount. However, there also are ones that will require you to wager between 25 and 50 times of Bonus+Deposit amount. These are two significant differences, so watch out and read the terms carefully before you join a Slots Casino.

Time to Clear

Every Bonus will also have a time frame pre-set that is offered for player to clear the full amount by fulfilling the wagering requirements. Standard is between 15 and 30 days, but some will offer shorter periods of 7 days, for example. Make sure to find this requirement and it would be a huge waste of time and money, if you lost your Bonus after fulfilling 90% of the requirements.

Best Slot Bonuses

While there isn’t Bonus that could be named as the Best one, there are several that offer very user friendly terms – low wagering requirements, large in their size and a reasonable timeframe to clear them. Of course, the bes ones will be those offered by legitimate and reputable Casinos. That’s the main requirement for me and it should be so for everyone. Find a list of the Best Slots Bonuses below.

Best Slots Bonus

Types of Slots Bonuses

There are a couple of types, when it comes to these. Each differs by terms of use, but the main two ones are Cashable and Non-Cashable Bonuses.

Cashable Slot Bonuses are just normal ones, but feature a player friendly term – they can used for playing Slots as well as cashed out, when requirements are fulfilled.

Non-Cashable Bonuses work in the same way as Cashable ones, but they can’t be cashed out and the whole purpose of theirs is to increase Players Bankroll allowing one to place higher wagers.

There’s also the third type of these – No Deposit Slots Bonus. These are credited to players account without a need to Deposit. This is basically Free Cash, but don’t get too excited as most of these will offer quite hard wagering requirements. You’ll have to get very lucky to do both, run a serious Bankroll from these as well as fulfil the requirements that will allow you to CashOut. Nonetheless, they are a great way to try Real Money Slots free of charge.