Slots Deposit Bonuses

Hey! I’m glad you made it this far. In this page you’ll get the gold, well not really, but this is where you’ll be able to find the best slots bonuses for making a deposit. If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, feel free to check other types of bonuses such as No Deposit Slots ones that will allow you to play completely free and still have a shot at winning real cash! Yep, that’s exactly how good are these. Now, i’m an honest guy and won’t try to be the salesman who’ll give you crap about how beautiful are these free offers, cause they actually aren’t. If you were looking for the small print, you’ve found it. The free offers usually feature quite large wagering requirements that will make your chances of completing one and actually walking away with money quite slim, but hey if your chances aren’t 0, you have some! True, but this article will be about deposit bonuses and everything related to them so lets get to the point, shall we?

How Do I get a Deposit Bonus?

Slots Deposit BonusFair enough, this is usually the first question people ask. At least the ones that aren’t scared away by the word ”deposit”. In order to claim a bonus like this, you will have to make a real money deposit to an online casino. There are tons of various bonuses out there so you are better off being picky instead of just choosing the first one that you find on some spammy website.

What makes up a great bonus?

This one is really tricky and would likely take up the whole page to fully describe, but I will give you some insight on the most important aspects that you should look for/at. Not that others are irrelevant, but judging from my experience, you’ll be just fine by researching a bonus or choosing one that is researched based on these aspects.

  • Size – size matters and not only when talking about slot bonuses! Those who thing otherwise are wrong, plain and simple. Now I’m not saying that ”the bigger, the better” applies here, but this is certainly a very important aspect. Having a larger bonus means that you’ll end up having more money. The latter won’t always be the case, but for the most part it does apply.

  • Wagering Requirements – now this works together with the first aspect. WR basically relates to the terms that each casino has set on their bonuses in order to unlock them and take the gold away with the latter part relating to actually owning the cash in your account and being able to cash it out. Most of the time you’ll find that to do so, a certain amount of money will have to be wagered. This will often be related to your deposit or bonus amount, sometimes to both. The lower these requirements are, the better.

  • Time – timing is everything in life, same applies for a slots bonus. Nowadays there are a large amount of offers that have been developed to hassle you. Not really to rob, but there’s always a small print and you will often run into the ”too good to be true” kinds of offers. If you do, they are almost never true. To show you an example – casino x offers a $50,000 welcome bonus with a 5,000% match on your deposit. Wow! What a great offer, right? WRONG! The small print clearly states that you will have 2 days to clear the bonus amount, thus making this bonus a complete waste of time. Trust me, there are offers like this out there. This is actually one of the main points of – we want to make the search of a slots bonus as simple as possible!

I’m Ready, Show Me The Gold aka The Best Slots Bonus Offers

If you’ve gone through the whole page and learned about various aspects of bonuses, good job! If not, well you have missed some valuable information that’s your choice. Now it’s time to serve the food and actually point you into the direction of some pretty damn great bonuses! Below you will find a list of slots offers that are researched after the terms above and to fulfil them. These are also the top choice for your slots-play in 2013! 

Jackpot City Slots Bonus