VIP Slots Programs

The term VIP is received as one that offers something exceptional for a group of players who stand out of the crowd. When it comes to slots, players stand out by playing for high stakes or by loyalty – playing very often, daily for example. These players are the ones that get exceptional treatment from the casino, but nowadays you don’t have to be a casino high roller to receive some special treatment and offers. Everyone can take advantage of the so called VIP programs that will reward you with extra cash for every spin you make.

How It Works?

So how does one benefit from being a member of Casino VIP Club? Lets start with saying that all of these clubs are based on point acquisition by playing games – slots in this example. You will be awarded with a certain amount of points for every spin, depending on how much you wager.

For the sake of this example, we will be playing at a casino that awards 10 points for every $1 wagered on slots. Points can be exchanged for cash, when you reach a certain amount of them, lets assume it’s 1000 for this casino. You can exchange 1000 points for $1, meaning that for every $100 wagered on slots, $1 in free cash is awarded! Even though it might sound little, it is cash for doing what you enjoy and would do without it being awarded.

VIP Levels

While the majority of online casinos often won’t offer anything more than just cashback for trading your vip points to cash, there will be some that will offer the so called tiered VIP club. Tiered stands for several tiers or levels of status that can be achieved by playing. Obviously, the more you play the higher your vip status will be, thus also higher value rewards awarded.

A great example of the tiered VIP Scheme is Gaming Club Casino, where online slots players can Earn Loyalty Points for every wager, you can then convert your points into casino credits, there more you play the more points you earn This is of course on top of the regular bonuses & promotions. The total value is by far the greatest you’ll find in the industry.

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Best Casino VIP Programs for Slots Players

So you are a serious slots enthusiast and want to get the best value from playing them? Sure you are & want that! That’s the reason why we’ve spent hours researching various casinos and their offerings and have came up with a list of the very best slots vip programs and casinos offering them. Are you excited yet? You should be as these programs will likely bring you back thousands of dollars every month! Enjoy.

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